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Checklist for fully vaccinated travelers to Singapore

This checklist is for all modes of arrival in Singapore by air, land or sea and applies to all travelers, including citizens or permanent residents of Singapore, who:

  • Are fully vaccinated against COVID-19; OR
  • 12 years of age or younger (i.e. born in 2010 or later) and have not been fully vaccinated.

If you do not meet the above criteria or are unsure of the definition of "fully vaccinated," refer back to the Travel to Singapore page to determine the most appropriate entry requirements for you. Travellers transiting through Singapore to another destination without going through immigration control should refer to the "Transiting through Singapore" page for information.

Step 1: Preparing to leave for Singapore

A) Make sure your vaccination documents are in order.

If you have a recognized Vaccination Digital Verification Certificate (DVC), use the Vaccination Verification Portal (VCP) to ensure that your DVC is recognized by the Singapore authorities. If the verification is successful, you will receive a Vaccination Acceptance Letter, which you can use to board your flight and go through immigration control. If you are unsuccessful in getting your DVC validated, please refer to the Vaccination Certificates FAQ. If you are still having trouble loading, refer to the instructions below for travelers without a DVC.

If you do not have a recognized DVC or are having difficulty verifying a DVC on your VCP, prepare a certificate of vaccination (including a certificate in the vaccination application) in English or with a notarized English translation with the following information:

  • Name (according to the travel document used to enter Singapore)
  • At least one other personal identifier, such as date of birth or passport number (according to the travel document used for entry)
  • Country of vaccination
  • Name of vaccine(s) administered, i.e., different names for different types of vaccines
  • Date(s) of vaccination

B) Obtaining Permits and Preparing Travel Documents

Prepare the travel documents below, if required, and visitors should make sure their passport is valid for at least 6 months. Non-citizens or permanent residents of Singapore may be denied entry if the required documents are not presented during pre-boarding or immigration control.
C) SG Arrival Card with Electronic Health Declaration

All travelers, including Singapore citizens and PRs, are required to complete the SG Arrival Card (SGAC) with an electronic declaration of health within 3 days prior to arrival in Singapore. Once you complete the declaration, you will receive a confirmation email that you can use to go through pre-boarding and immigration control more smoothly.

Postpone your trip if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 7 days before departure. This may include fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste or smell.

D) Pre-departure test (PDT) for COVID-19

UPD: As of April 26, 2022, fully vaccinated travelers entering Singapore through air or sea checkpoints do not need to undergo a pre-departure test.

Passing the Pre-Departure Test (PDT) is not required only if you:

  • Are entering Singapore by land transport; OR
  • You had a positive COVID-19 test between 7 and 90 days before your departure date to Singapore - use this tool to see if the pre-departure test can be waived and what documentation is needed to confirm recovery.

Otherwise, if you are arriving by air/sea and were born before 2020 (i.e. over 2 years old), get any of the following tests for COVID-19 within 2 days before departure:

  • COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction test (PCR test) at an accredited or internationally recognized laboratory/clinic/medical facility; OR
  • An antigen rapid test (ART) that is:
  • Performed by a trained professional; OR
  • Self-administered under the remote supervision of an approved ART provider in Singapore. The option is only available to Singapore citizens, PRs and long-term visa holders, including IPA holders.

Ask for a non-handwritten ART report in English (or accompanied by a notarized English translation) containing the following details:

  • Traveler's name, date of birth, or passport number (on the passport used to travel to Singapore); and
  • reflects the date and result of the COVID-19 test.

When do I have to do the PDT test:
E) Install and activate the TraceTogether app

If you are a traveler and do not already have the TraceTogether mobile app for contact tracking, install and activate the TraceTogether mobile app using this guide. Only travelers age 6 and under this year are exempt from installing TraceTogether.

If you have trouble activating TraceTogether:

  • Send a request for help to; OR
  • Get a TraceTogether token upon arrival for a one-time fee of S$13.

Step 2: Fly to Singapore

Checking documents before boarding an airplane.

Transport operators may require the documents listed in step 1 when checking before boarding. Failure to do so may result in denial of boarding.

Step 3: Immigration processing in Singapore

Immigration Control.

Follow the officers' instructions and signs upon arrival to proceed through the appropriate clearance corridors.

After passing through security, foreign visitors will be issued an electronic pass (i.e. Visit Pass) indicating the length of stay at the email address listed on the SGAC. Passports will no longer be stamped.

If you are symptomatic upon arrival, you may be asked to take a COVID-19 test or other requirements as directed by the officers. Each rapid antigen test (ART) will cost S$30 and each COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR Test) will cost S$138.

Step 4: Medical protocols while in Singapore

A) COVID-19 Safe Management Measures and Vaccination Evidence

Follow the latest public health measures, including using the TraceTogether app to show proof of vaccination in settings where vaccine-differentiated safe management measures (VDS) apply.

If you are vaccinated overseas, your temporary vaccination status, valid for 30 days, will be reflected on the HealthHub or TraceTogether mobile app. If your vaccination status is not reflected correctly within a few hours of arrival, email this form for assistance.

Visit the Singapore Ministry of Health website for the latest public health measures.

B) Register your overseas vaccination record and make COVID-19 boosters

Travelers who have been vaccinated abroad must register their vaccination status with the Singapore National Immunization Registry (NIR) if you are one of the following types of travelers and have not previously registered.

Who needs to register:
Registration can be done at any public health preparedness clinic. Check to see if the clinic you choose can facilitate registration before you go there with the following documents:

  • Identification documents.
  • A valid immunization certificate (see step 1A for details).

You may need an additional dose of COVID-19 vaccine to maintain good protection and continue to qualify for vaccine-differentiated measures in Singapore. This is determined based on the date of your last dose of your primary vaccination series and the type of vaccine you received (see table below for a summary). For more information on NIR registration and COVID-19 booster vaccination, visit the Ministry of Health website.
C) Infection and recovery from COVID-19

If you test positive for COVID-19 while in Singapore, follow your recovery protocols.

If it is determined that you cannot be treated at home or locally, you may be taken to a suitable facility for COVID-19 treatment. Information about COVID-19 treatment and costs for travelers can be found on this page.

  • Given the rapidly changing coronavirus environment around the world, and the frequent changes in entry regulations to the Republic of Singapore by the Singapore Immigration Authority (ICA), we recommend checking in advance of travel for new requirements or updates on the official ICA SafeTravel website for arrivals and departures from the Republic of Singapore.
  • This material is for reference only, please refer to the official Singapore Immigration Authority (ICA) SafeTravel Singapore arrival and departure site for official information.