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Transit through Singapore

Singapore is open to all transit travelers with no special rules or requirements regarding COVID-19. However, please note the following points to ensure a smooth passage:

1. Transit Traveler Qualifications.
Transit travelers refer to those who travel to a third country through Singapore without going through immigration screening upon arrival. Singapore does not require COVID-19 tests, tourist visas or entry permits for transit travelers. However, travelers transiting at Changi Airport should make reservations for the same route to ensure that their checked luggage can be tagged from the departure airport to their final destination;

Travel by different airlines on the same route is permitted as long as the flights are on the same reservation. Travelers interested in connecting through Changi Airport should consult the airline for available options.

Travellers who intend to go through immigration on arrival to enter Singapore or have booked separate flights on different itineraries, requiring them to enter Singapore to collect their baggage and check in again for their connecting flight, are not considered transit travellers. They are responsible for completing all requirements for entry into Singapore and should refer to the Travel to Singapore page for more information on entry requirements.

For more information on the transit area of Singapore Changi Airport, including stores and restaurants in the transit departure area, visit the Changi Airport website.

2. Transit travelers must comply with the requirements of the destination country.
Please note that destination country authorities may have requirements for travelers transiting through Singapore, which travelers must also comply with. For example, if travelers intend to depart from country X, transit through Singapore and depart for destination country Y, they are strongly advised to check the requirements of country Y, such as:

  • Admission requirements for transit travelers: whether the authorities in destination country Y accept travelers transiting through Singapore, including whether they have requirements to use certain flights for transit.
  • Entry requirements: whether the authorities in destination country Y impose entry conditions, such as visas, entry permits, vaccinations or other documents. The airline will check on boarding to see if you have the appropriate documents.
  • Pre-flight testing requirements (PCR tests): If country Y requires travelers to take a COVID-19 test to enter country Y. These COVID-19 tests are not available in the transit area of Changi Airport, and travelers must undergo a PCR test in country X if country Y requires it.