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Singapore will build Southeast Asia's largest sky-screen

Singapore will have the largest interactive suspended LED screen in Southeast Asia, which will be able to broadcast live sporting events and concerts.

"Sky Screen" will be modeled on the Shimao Tianjie Sky Screen in Beijing, China. Exactly where the project will be located in Singapore has not yet been disclosed. It will be 200 meters long and cost $200 million to build.

The Beijing Sky Screen, located above the pedestrian walkway in the mixed-use complex The Place, is 250 meters long and 30 meters wide and includes 7,500 square meters of LED lighting as well as several sound systems. It was built in 2006, but has been upgraded over the years.

The Singapore counterpart will be built by Chinese property and media management company The Place Holdings, which signed an agreement Wednesday (June 29) with Stellar Lifestyle, which manages retail and advertising space in Singapore's MRT network.

"The location is still being refined, but once that is done, construction will take one to one and a half years," Mr. Fang Xianyong, CEO of The Place Holdings, told the media.

Mr. Fang added that the Singapore sky-screen will be an improved version of Beijing's, and said he hopes it will serve as a catalyst for new tourist experiences in Singapore.

The screens will have features such as the simultaneous display of live concerts and the eventual gamification of the platform for the metaverse.

Photo: The Place Holding