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Traveling in Singapore: a general overview of requirements

Singapore has introduced the COVID-19 vaccine travel framework to facilitate renewed travel. This new entry scheme replaces the Vaccine Vaccinated Traveler (VTL) program, and applies to all travellers entering Singapore, including Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents (SRs).

If you are transiting through Singapore to another destination without going through immigration control, please refer to the Transit through Singapore page for more information.

If you are an air/marine crew member or recreational boat owner, click here for more instructions.

1. Automated self-help tool

The self-help tool below will help you quickly determine the latest entry and health requirements. For travel groups, users must enter parameters related to a single traveler during each session. To start a new inquiry session, you can either edit your previous answer or restart the verification program using the buttons at the end of the tool. The personal information entered is not saved.

Self-Checking Requirements for Entry into Singapore

2. Vaccinations allowed for entry to Singapore

All travellers aged 12 years and under do not need to be vaccinated to enter Singapore. Travellers aged 13 years and above are considered "fully vaccinated" for entry into Singapore only if they have met one of the following conditions at least 2 weeks prior to their arrival in Singapore, otherwise they are considered "not fully vaccinated":

Have received a full set of WHO-approved vaccines, according to the list below, and have complied with the minimum interval between doses; or
Have been infected with COVID-19 prior to vaccination and received at least one dose of any of the WHO vaccines (listed below) no later than 28 days from the first diagnosis of COVID-19 infection. Travelers must present acceptable proof of a first positive diagnosis of COVID-19.

Fully vaccinated travelers and children 12 years of age and younger should refer to this travel checklist for more information, including how to present proof of vaccination and maintain vaccination status to visit Singapore. Travelers who do not meet the vaccination criteria for entry should refer to the Traveler's Checklist for non-fully vaccinated travelers aged 13 years and older.
List of Vaccines Accepted in Singapore

3. vaccination-related

Singapore's immigration requirements are categorized based on your travel history to Green or Red List countries and your COVID-19 vaccination status.
If your 7-day travel history consists only of general category countries, you will be subject to the following measures:
*Voluntarily vaccinated traveler's checklist
*Checklist for not fully vaccinated travelers

If you have at least one country in the restricted category in your 7-day travel history, you will be subject to the following border measures.

4.Application for air/marine crews and private boat owners

Air Crews
Arriving aircrew members are not required to apply for a permit to enter Singapore. Instead, flight operators and aircraft crews should consult the latest circulars and directives of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore regarding border and health control measures.

Marine Crews and Recreational Boat Owners
Under the Vaccination Framework, fully vaccinated foreign maritime crew members and recreational boat owners may enter Singapore without submitting an undertaking to the MPA or ICA. If you are not fully vaccinated, you must:

1.Submit an undertaking to the MPA at this link if you:

Passed a pre-departure test within 2 days prior to your arrival in Singapore; and
Have been quarantined in your home country for at least 7 days prior to arrival.

2.Submit the following types of applications to ICA through digitalPORT@SG:

  • Immigration clearance for vessel and crew arrival or departure
  • Check-in or check-out of crew members
  • Crew transfer from one ship to another
  • Crew extensions

Click here for the latest Seaport Circulars/Notices. For more information or assistance, email