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Nominee director
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By the law, any Singapore company is required to have at least one local director on staff. In connection with this requirement, the vast majority of foreigners when registering a company in Singapore are have to use the "Nominee Director" service.
Nominee director
This is a person assigned to represent the interests of another person or group of persons. Under the Companies Law, in Singapore the duties of a nominee director are exactly the same as those of a de facto director. Like the actual director, the nominee director bears full responsibility for the activities of the Company. This is the reason for the relatively high cost of the position of nominee director for all providers.
Moreover, the low cost of a nominee director always has serious consequences.
As a rule, for a low cost, you get a "serial" local director, who has dozens and sometimes hundreds of companies.

What are the consequences for you personally?

  • 99% refuse a bank account opening
  • If at least one of the companies that are listed on the director, get the serious problems with the law, this will automatically create problems for all other companies registered with this director. As you can imagine, the larger the number of companies, the higher the risks.
Singapore is a country with law abiding citizens and a very low crime rate. All company transactions are carried out exclusively by the personal identifier of the resident and company (SingPass and CorPass) and are easy to trace. And fines for unauthorized actions on the company are severely punished by the Law with a prison term of up to 2 years or fines ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 50,000 SGD, or both.
How can you protect yourself?
For your peace of mind, we recommend taking the following actions:
Sign an agreement with the director (Nominee Director Agreement), which clearly prove out the rights and obligations of the parties, including the provision that he does not have the right to manage and dispose of the company.
Do not provide a nominee director with access to your bank account.*
Work only with trusted directors and through reliable providers who can guarantee your full legal protection.
* For verified directors, we recommend
Make at least limited access to the account (for example, within a certain small amount) as this:

1) Significantly increases your chances of opening a bank account.

2) Moreover, if you need any help with the bank, such as issuing / re-issuing bank tokens, resolving issues on transactions, changing company data, etc. (and such needs arise with enviable regularity), then if your nominee director is not a bank account signer, he will not be able to help you in any way and you will either have to fly in on your own or send originals of documents by express mail.

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Whats included?
Due to the high risks for the director of the company, when using the services of a nominee director, an extra refundable deposit of $ 2,000 is requested.
Signing a package of registration documents for the company (form 45, Director's declaration, Board resolutions, Share certificates)
Signing bank forms and necessary documents for opening bank accounts for the company
Compliance with internal and external compliance requirements
Signing a Nominee Director Agreement
Signing a Non-disclosure Agreement
Personal visit to the bank with a client to open a bank account
Signing a Power of Attorney and a Declaration of Trust, if applicable
Signing the necessary forms and resolutions for the timely submission of financial and tax returns, registration of licenses or submission for a work visa and other legal obligations
Refunds of deposit are made at following cases
The deposit for the nominee director is kept in the bank account of the Company throughout the entire period of the service.
Obtaining a working visa by a shareholder of the company and termination of use the services of our nominee director
Replacing our nominee director to your
Company strike off
The deposit will be refunded within
two weeks after the termination of services.
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